to the best office ever!

The best office you can imagine! State-of-the-art equipment that ensures there is a healthy climate and lots of ways to relax as well!

On this page, we want to display what our office has to offer to our employees. We think that the working atmosphere should be the best of the best.

    •   Fresh & Clean Air
    •   Perfect Humidity
    •   Ideal Temperature
    •   Regulated Lighting
    •   Quality Hardware
    •   Tasteful Interior
    •   An Actual Café!
    •   F1 Racing Sim

Fig 1. Check out the 🐑🐑 at our office!

Office Atmosphere

Ever had dry, itchy, red eyes after a day in the office? We did, and we didn’t like it. Therefore, we made some huge improvements in our office.

Filtered Clean Air

Roughly 3000 m3/h of fresh air is filtered and then pumped in our office. But rest assured, it doesn’t create a breeze! ?

Humidity Levels

The humidity levels in our office are always at an optimal level between 40% and 60% thanks to our advanced humidifiers that are stationed throughout the whole office.

Ideal Temperature

The temperature is controlled via floor heating/cooling and air heating/cooling, providing an optimum temperature in the office.


Pics or it didn't happen...

Our office is GREEN ☘️

The entire building has been updated to the highest standard. We placed new energy efficient glass everywhere, and the building has a new roof. But there’s more…

Solar Panels

The entire roof of our office is filled with solar panels. We have 84 panels ? that are capable of producing roughly 26kWp.

EV Charging Stations

At our office, we have 3 EV charging stations that are capable of charging your car at 22kWh. Plus, we are planning to place at least 1 DC charger capable of 50kWh soon!

Energy Storage

Because we generate a lot of energy with our solar panels, we are going to store the extra energy in batteries. This will be used for peak shaving and when there is no sun.