We are Digital Brain

The people at Digital Brain are tech enthusiasts with a proven track record of creating software that is a perfect fit for education. Creating software for education that is easy to use, yet very powerful is something we are all passionate about.

100% Education

We place 100% of our focus on education. After years of experience in academia, we know what’s important: creating great tools for great teachers!


Every product we create is created with maximum privacy in mind. Not just for the school, but also for the students. We pledge to limit the data we collect to ensure our services are functioning and to protect your data.

Fewer distractions,

Better learning.

With ScreenTrust, your school can provide a safe online experience for your students. Acquire clearer insights into your classroom’s status while protecting your students with ease.

Our Mission:

To build great tools for schools!

Building great tools for schools and teachers is a goal that we have pursued our entire career. Over the years, we have watched education evolve and changed our business alongside it. For students to succeed, schools and teachers need great tools for a low price.

Discover our tool to gain insight into the world of modern classrooms and ensure that your students will be shielded from harmful content that could pose potential security risks, such as fraud, malware and phishing.
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"Together we can achieve amazing things!"