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We specialize in the field of software and hardware development. At Digital Brain, we experiment, create proofs of concepts, and invent new things. We look at our daily lives to see if there are ways that we can make things better. Currently we are working on a brand new *top secret* project. With this project, we will make the lives of consumers, businesses, hotels, and others easier!

Interested in learning more? Then come talk with us! 😉

Why work with us?

Why not?! ?

No, seriously, working with us is a unique opportunity. Our way of approaching things is pretty amazing! We made a list highlighting why you’d want to work with us. So sit tight and buckle up:

We Are Different

How are we different? Let’s start with something unusual: Full-time means working 32 hours instead of 40 hours. We also give stock appreciation rights (SARs) when you work with us!

Brilliant Team

You’ll work with a brilliant team. Everybody is super friendly and passionate about their job. Everything we accomplish, we accomplish together. That’s teamwork!

Learning on the Job

Even if you consider yourself a professional, you’ll learn a lot from us. We promise that you’ll be challenged and you’ll enjoy it! Hopefully we can learn from you too, of course!

Stock Appreciation Rights

Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs) resemble employee stock options. When our company performs well financially, our employees will receive a bonus in addition to their regular salary.

You can see it as if part of the company is yours, but only the positive aspects. For example: you will receive a dividend payout if the company is successful.

100% Passion

Working at Digital Brain means working on your passion. Making sure that everyone here enjoys their work is our number one goal!

Full-time is 32 Hours per Week

At Digital Brain, we believe that spending time with family and friends —or even spending time on your hobbies— is very important. You get paid full-time while only working 32 hours.

Our Office

Our office is one of a kind! We selected only the best of the best: the furniture, the laptops, the monitors, and the chairs. Everything is of the highest quality, comfort, and performance. Not only that, but we also paid special attention to the climate of our office: fresh, clean air, regulated humidity, and a perfect temperature to make sure everyone is happy.

But wait! There's more! ?

Free Ice Cream

One should never underestimate the power of ice cream in the summer!

Brand-New MacBook Pro

You deserve the best hardware! We think that’s a Mac. Disagree? You'll have a hard time here. 😉

Unlimited Coffee / Tea

We can supply you with great freshly grind coffee or delicious tea!

The Best Chairs

A good chair is important, so we've chosen the Herman Miller chairs.

Sit & Stand Desk

Our electrically-operated desks allow you to sit or stand while working

Pension Plan

Yes, we also have a pension plan for our employees. A pretty good one, actually.

Sim Racing

If you are a Formula 1 fanatic, then you are in luck. You should definitely apply!

Table Tennis

We can be (a bit) active too, so show us your skills at table tennis!

Free Fruit

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! But we have banana's and oranges too.

Café / Canteen

We have the best café/canteen in our office. Check out “The Office” page to learn more.


I know the icon is a horse. But yes, we have sheep outside our office!


Occasionally we have BBQ's after work. So if you like to eat, then consider working here!

There is much more to mention, but just visit us and see for yourself! 

Here are our current

Job Openings

If you are looking for lengthy job descriptions and the usual “About you,” “About us” bla bla then we are sorry to disappoint you. We don’t do that; we are different. What you should know, though:

  • Work location: Emmen, Netherlands
  • Working hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Full-time: 32 hours
  • 100% passion is a requirement!
  • Positivity is a requirement!

Job Openings


We currently have no job openings. Stay tuned!

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